Why Choose Costa Consulting

Costa Ludus offers consulting services to help define and build your product based on mission requirements including functionality and durability.

We will create a test and evaluation process based on your functional and environmental requirements. We understand the extreme range of stressors that your product will be exposed to in an operational environment and can help you develop modes of testing that will produce meaningful evaluation criteria. It is ok for products to fail during this process.

Testing your equipment to failure in our hands will give you the feedback you need to make sure it stands up when it's in the hands of those whose lives depend on it.

  • Without your training, I most likely would have reverted back to the mentality of "counted rounds" like during a range qualificaiton. But I was able to send a controlled wall of lead downrange until the suspect was no longer a threat. Also, as I deployed to the scene, I checked my safety and it was on. The next time I checked my safety was after the shooting and it was on. Through hours of training and repetition, I was able to disengage, and then reengage my safety without even thinking about it. 

    - Scott